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In Indian mythology Kama Rati is a beautiful word made up of two words Kama and Rati where Kama is the Indian God of Human love and desire often portrayed along with his female counterpart, Rati. The birth of Kama and Rati happened to create life on earth. Kama affects male feelings & attraction for female and Rati sensualize female feelings attraction for male.

While designing our brand, KAMARATI, the main focus was to make range of intimacy products with no side effects, free of all known skin irritants and be highly effective. Our several years of research have made us determined to offer pure and high performing alternatives, which would enhance, rather than compromise, intimate health.

DR DM Tripathy (B.Sc., B.A.M.S., M.D., Ph.D., Senior Ayurvedic Consultant)

   Unique Sensation starts within 60 seconds
 ✯  Helps you reach your Goal
 ✯  Safe & Herbal
 ✯  Available for both Male and Female


Mr. Akash

It’s been 5 years that I am married. We both were really happy in our relationship. But in need of money and a good job, I have almost forgotten the secrets to lead a happy married life. My wife showed strange irritation and the gap bridged between us. 

I saw an advertisement of Kamarati Intense Sensational Gel. I thought of trying it for once. I ordered it and used it. My very first experience after using this gel was amazing. It was so different that I have never felt such amazing feeling ever before in my married life.

Mr. Balraj Khanna

I got to know about Kamarati gel through my friend. Initially I thought, he is joking around. But when I ordered it and started using it, then I realized its power. 

I am 56 years old but I felt like being 25 on using this sensational gel. You may find many such products in the market but for me, there is no competition to Kamarati. On using it, I felt young and active like a 25 years old man. I have never felt like this ever before what Kamarati has made me felt.

Ms. Geeta

Like all other girls, I was really afraid of getting married. Since it’s a part of life and I got married as well. I have forgotten about the marital happiness and satisfaction. I got busy with my work also. One day, my friend told me about Kamarati gel. 

I was afraid in using any such gel but then on her words and the trust on the brand, I ordered it. After using it, I was on the cloud nine. Watching me happy, my husband was delighted too. Kamarati gel changed both of our lives. Thanks to Kamarati gel.

Mr. Nuru Saifi

I am married for 11 years but tasted the real marital experience when I used Kamarati gel. I think, this is the first ever gel made for men and it is wonderful. I can’t even explain the true feelings in words. I would suggest you to choose and use Kamarati Gel and feel the entirely new experience with Kamarati gel.

Ms. Shalini

I didn’t know the real pleasure of marriage until I ordered Kamarati gel and used it. I won’t say much. I would suggest you to use it and feel the difference.





Your actions help to unlock your partner’s reactions. So, intensify the moment and work on un-interrupted pleasure.



Let’s take your relation to a next level. Be Gentle with your playmate and celebrate the ‘Occasion’.



This is the Ultimate Destination you need to reach. Pleasure is all that you need!

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Intimate Combo (Kama Intense Sensational XL Gel + Rati Intense Sensational Gel = Free Kama Delight)

Intimate Combo (Kama Intense Sensational XL Gel + Rati Intense Sensational Gel = Free Kama Delight)

Intimate Combo (Kama Intense Sensational XL Gel + Rati Intense Sensational Gel = Kama Delight Capsules)

 In Stock   Out Of Stock 
Rs. 9000 Rs. 6000
Male Combo Offer (Kama Delight Capsules + Kama Intense Sensational XL Gel)

Male Combo Offer (Kama Delight Capsules + Kama Intense Sensational XL Gel)

Kama Delight Capsules + Kama Intense Sensational XL Gel

 In Stock   Out Of Stock 
Rs. 6000 Rs. 4500
Kama Intense Sensational XL Gel (For Male)

Kama Intense Sensational XL Gel (For Male)

Boosting Mood And Immense Satisfaction

 In Stock   Out Of Stock 
Rs. 3000 Rs. 3000
Rati Intense Sensational Xl Gel (For Female)

Rati Intense Sensational Xl Gel (For Female)

Re-Plump The Fine Elasticity And Texture Of The Skin And Glow Like Sweet Sixteen.

 In Stock   Out Of Stock 
Rs. 3000 Rs. 3000
Kama Joy Oil (For Male)

Kama Joy Oil (For Male)

 In Stock   Out Of Stock 
Rs. 3000 Rs. 3000
Intimate Spark Lubricant Gel

Intimate Spark Lubricant Gel

Dress yourself in a soft satiny gown and stand prepared for the moment

 In Stock   Out Of Stock 
Rs. 1500 Rs. 1500

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