Everything You Need to Know About Stronger Immunity!


 Immunity is the ability to fight the toxins present in your body. There can be many causes of toxins in the body, such as bacteria, viruses or other harmful parasites. The truth is that a lot of bacteria and viruses are present around the body, which makes you suffer from many types of diseases. There is a defense system inside the body to protect the body from external infections and diseases, which is called immune system or immunity. If your immunity is strong, then not only you avoid problems like cold, cough in the changing season, but because of this you also avoid serious diseases like hepatitis, lung infection, and kidney infection.


What are the symptoms of weak immunity?

1. Colds and colds change with the changing of seasons.

2. Feeling lethargic all the time.

3. Not being able to recover quickly if you are sick.

4. Getting tired even after doing a little work.


Can immunity be improved?

You can improve your immunity along with keeping yourself healthy by making a small change in your routine and diet. The truth is that when your immune system is healthy, only then you will be able to remain a master of good health. Along with regular exercise to increase immunity, it is important to include things in your diet besides nourishing your body, which will enhance your ability to fight foreign invaders. You can also consult a dietician for this. Do not forget to exclude chips, french-fries, pasta, white flour, canned foods, soda drinks, red meat, etc. in your diet, because the immune system is weak and such food items can deteriorate the condition.


Do not ignore breakfast in the morning

It is a habit of many people to ignore breakfast in the morning. This not only worsens the health of such people, but also affects their immunity. If you want to improve your immunity, then no matter how hurry are you in, you must have breakfast in the morning. Make sure that you have plenty of protein in your morning breakfast. Include boiled eggs, seasonal fresh fruits, oatmeal, nuts, and sprouted grains with juice or lassi in your morning breakfast. When you start your day with the right breakfast, it nourishes both your body and your mind and increases your immunity.


Keep body weight in control

Obesity is the cause of many diseases. The truth is that obese people suffer from stomach related diseases more than average weighted people. You can also suffer from problems like diabetes and blood pressure due to obesity. Due to obesity, the immunity of the body also starts decreasing. Obesity causes difficulty in the formation of white cells. When the white cells in the body begin to decrease, immunity decreases.


Physical activity is important

It is important for the body to be active in order to keep itself healthy and improve its immunity. When you do not work and eat food when you are not hungry, then you suffer from many diseases related to the stomach. Physical inactivity also affects your body’s immunity. To avoid this, make regular exercise a part of your routine. When you exercise, your stamina grows. The digestion of energy that you take, keeps your digestion capacity up. For this, you should include yoga and meditation along with a daily walk of minimum 30 minutes in your routine.


Eight hours of sleep is necessary

To stay healthy, it is very important that you get sufficient sleep. Doctors also believe that an eight-hour deep sleep is necessary to stay healthy. The truth is that many problems related to health are due to lack of sleep. In the changing routine, you also work during the night, due to which your sleep is interrupted. If you want to improve your immunity while keeping yourself healthy, it is very important that you keep yourself away from unnecessary stress and sleep soundly.


Avoid smoking and alcohol

To keep ourselves healthy, it is very important to keep distance from intoxicating substances. If you regularly consume alcohol and cigarettes, then control your habit to keep yourself healthy and improve immunity. Make regular exercise a part of your routine, in addition to including food-enhancing foods in your diet.


10 tips to boost immunity!

  1. Apart from keeping the environment around you clean, take special care of your physical hygiene, because dirt is the cause of many diseases.
  2. Basil and curry leaves are rich in anti-oxidant elements. Chewing eight to ten leaves per day increases immunity.
  3. Sit in the sun for a while every day, so that you face the ultra violet rays of the sun. Sunrays are excellent source of vitamin D, which strengthens bones and also improves immune system.
  4. To increase immunity, include tomatoes in your diet. The anti-oxidant called lycopene present in it is essential for your brain health. In addition, tomatoes are rich in vitamin K, vitamin C and fiber, which are helpful in improving immunity.
  5. Citrus fruits like oranges, limes, amla, lime, etc. are rich in vitamin C, which helps in producing white blood cells that fight all kinds of infections. Make all these things a regular part of your diet.
  6. Garlic gives the anti-oxidant system of our body the power to fight against diseases by making plenty of anti-oxidants. It contains such an element called allicin, which empowers the body to fight against any type of infection and bacteria. Incorporating balanced amounts of garlic into the diet daily, along with increasing the body’s immunity, also protects the body from stomach ulcers and cancer. Consuming two buds of garlic daily in the morning keeps blood pressure under control and the immune system remains strong for a long time.
  7. Spinach contains an element called foliate, which along with creating new cells in the body, also works to strengthen those cells and repair DNA. The fiber present in it keeps the body healthy by increasing the anti-oxidant. Vitamin C present in spinach is helpful in keeping the body healthy in every way. Regular consumption of boiled spinach increases the body’s immunity.
  8. Mushroom is instrumental in activating the white blood cells of the body. It contains mineral, selenium, anti-oxidant elements, vitamin B, niacin etc. Apart from these, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-tumor elements are found in mushrooms. Mushrooms have an abundance of ingredients that strengthen the body’s immunity.
  9. Soaking eight-ten grains of almonds daily not only enhances the body’s immunity, but its use also gives the brain the power to fight stress. Vitamin E present in almonds is helpful in increasing the naturally occurring cells in the body.
  10. Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in your diet. To strengthen the immune system and increase immunity, eat plenty of vegetables and fruits as well as drink plenty of water. Eat sprouted grains as well.


How is Nature’s Defence Ayush Kwath beneficial?

Nature’s Defence Ayush Kwath is of great significance as it is the combination of medicinal herbs. It comprises of Sunthi, Tulsi, Dalchini and Black Pepper as its ingredients which helps boost one’s immunity. Tulsi has been called “an herb for all reasons”. This is because of its benefits. It addresses to all sort of stress and can protect the vital organs and tissues against chemical stress. Such a plant in this formulation makes it more effective.

Anti-oxidants protect your body from oxidative damage caused by free radicals. Dalchini is high in anti-oxidants. Thus, this formulation becomes more valuable. Regular consumption of Sunthi may actually help in boosting your metabolism and burning off the excess fat.

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